Volume I

The purpose of Volume I is to shine a light on artists from the 19th century and the 20th Century. With the turn of the 19th Century, artists began to drift away from realism, art that captured what the human eye saw. They started experimenting. This particular period I chose, gave birth to concepts such as impressionism, expressionism and many more. The 19th Century was the beginning of when artists and their art challenged our perception of reality, and they never looked back.

Disclaimer: Volume I is not a monthly biography of different artists.

The blog is called MemoirsbyChard. A memoir is defined as “a historical account that a person writes, based on a moment or an event, that took place in the person’s life”. That person is me. Each memoir in Volume I will begin with me. Then conclude with the artist’s life and their art.

Volume I will talk about many famous artists, from René Magritte to of course Pablo Picasso. But most importantly, I will talk about myself; the trials and the tribulations. So, enjoy the anecdotes and the artists.

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